Eggplant EMOJI
READER Popsocket


This popsocket isn't just about holding your device securely while you dive into your favorite books—it's about adding a cheeky twist to your reading experience.

With its playful design and classic eggplant emoji, this Eggplant Emoji Reader Popsocket is sure to bring a grin to your face every time you pick up your device.

Its sturdy grip ensures that your device stays firmly in your hand, even during those intense...ahem... page-turning moments. Plus, its compact size means your Eggplant Emoji Reader Popsocket won't add any bulk to your device. Slip it your pocket or bag without a second thought. 

Grab your Eggplant Emoji Reader Popsocket today! 🍆📚

More Details

Strong, waterproof adhesive that can still be moved/re-adhered!

White plastic with royal purple and emoji eggplant design

Collapsible discs for easy pocket storage

Designed by Rendezvous Creative

Serves as a phone stand, too!


Shipped first class in 2 business days