Monster Romance Reader Popsocket


Share your love of monster romance with our Monster Romance Reader Popsocket! 🐙💕

Get lost in the pages of a thrilling tale where forbidden love knows no bounds... and don't be afraid to get curious about what those tentacles (or other monsterly features) can do.

The Monster Romance Reader Popsocket will grip your device to ensure that your story stays securely in your hand, even as you find yourself distracted by sweet (or maybe not-so-sweet) monsters. And with its compact size, you can take it with you wherever your monsters call.

More Details

Strong, waterproof adhesive that can still be moved/re-adhered!

White plastic with green/teal top, featuring a kraken tentacle design

Collapsible discs for easy pocket storage

Designed by Rendezvous Creative

Serves as a phone stand, too!


Shipped first class in 2 business days