Probably Reading Fanfic READER Popsocket


Can't resist new headcanon, taboo ships, or seeing the story end the way you wanted it to end? The Probably Reading Fanfic Reader Popsocket was made for you 📖✨

Whether you're scrolling through your favorite stories during your morning commute, sneaking in a newly released chapter during lunch break, or getting lost in a new ship before bedtime, The Probably Reading Fanfic Reader Popsocket is your perfect companion.

Its compact size means you can read fanfic on any device without adding bulk — and declare your love for Dramione (or whatever you ship 😉) at the same time.

More Details

Strong, waterproof adhesive that can still be moved/re-adhered!

White plastic with purple/green ombre design with keys, swords, handcuffs, and more

Collapsible discs for easy pocket storage

Designed by Rendezvous Creative

Serves as a phone stand, too!


Shipped first class in 2 business days