"Take me away" ALIEN READER Popsocket


Embark on literary adventures that are out of this world — with this adorable reader popsocket.

Whether you're exploring distant planets (and hot aliens), looking to disassociate for a bit, or simply want to share your love of alien smut with the world, this Take Me Away Reader Popsocket is for you.

Don't let zero-G or slippery surfaces ruin your trip to another world. Grab your "Take Me Away" Reader PopSocket today so you can forget the real world for a little longer.

More Details

Strong, waterproof adhesive that can still be moved/re-adhered!

White plastic with royal purple and alien spaceship design

Collapsible discs for easy pocket storage

Designed by Rendezvous Creative

Serves as a phone stand, too!


Shipped first class in 2 business days