Book marketing services 

Because marketing your books isn’t like writing them

You can write complex characters (and put them in some interesting… ahem… situations). You can outline plots and dream up new ideas daily. 

But when it comes to finding ways to connect with your readers online, what to say in a caption or in an email… the ideas dry up.

Don’t get it twisted, though. This doesn’t mean you’re not a good author. You are. Marketing your book and author brand involves an entirely different list of skills that are probably new to you. 


You can build worlds. 

Book marketing matters

Publishing houses have made it clear that they look at an author’s following when they’re deciding whether or not to acquire a book. Your following, subscribers, and engagement also influence your book deal and advances — and your projected book sales.

But readers can’t find your book in a sea of Kindle Unlimited. You have to stand out to get more downloads and readers.

So… what’s an author to do? Get help from folks who love books and are experts in marketing strategy. 


Size matters. 

The size of your following, that is.



As a full-service social media, email, and digital marketing agency for authors, we can help you stand out as an author, sell books (print or digital), and get you back to your beloved keyboard already.

Let’s turn some of those age-old tropes into best-selling books, shall we?

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This isn’t the place to be if you want a straight, old, white man to tell you what “the publishing houses are looking for.” We’re here to tell you what your READERS are looking for, and how you can connect with more of them — whether you’re traditionally published, self-published, or a hybrid.

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